On September 13, the first theme store of “Galaxy” Super Orangutan opened in south China. The design company GLC offered the whole design to explore the relationship between SUPERMONKEY and fashionable sports people.


Located in the Parc Central in Guangzhou, the landmark itself is very linear, very different from the traditional commercial space. The more free-flowing design is popular with young people, and is the latest place to follow the trend.

银河 星体璀璨The galaxy shines bright


Full of gravity and possibility, the rule is a pure symbol of the order of motion, in which the human body is indistinguishable from the celestial body. Marking out the curve of the line, the first theme store in the South China region of the SUPERMONKEY became a vivid expression of Reunion. The lighting design at the top uses a circular shape to focus on the main vision of the space, initiating a wonderful opening. In the overall tone, such as the universe is deep, simple and consistent, so that the theme of the light to play the design to create the story.


Revealing this cosmic temperament, this super-star-like appearance, to a wider audience is a top priority for the design team. The field of vision in the field of fitness lies in the interaction between the inside and the outside, where the exerciser is inspired by the “stage” and the passer-by outside is moved to join in.


Dealing with the entrance of the store is the most important part of the project, adhering to the transparent is the best display, all glass display surface against the dark background, as if there has never been any space on the enclosure. It shows the sincerity, energy and energy of the SUPERMONKEY to trendsetters and curious passers-by.


The 180 Stereoscopic Mirror surface space coordinates the encircling type dazzles the colored light, is in the gym the finishing touch pen. The top, the middle of the stage and the bottom form a sense of continuity with the materials, and the ring light band goes parallel to the floor in the mirror.


No matter from any angle, can see the most beautiful oneself, is the heart of everyone wants to continue to exercise a true portrayal. Symmetrical Ring Light Belt, revealing the theme of “Milky Way” universal truth, the power of each person‘s inner surge, gathered into a ripple through people’s gradual change, and witnessed the transformation.


The Waiting Area and dressing room are designed in a more detailed and people-oriented way. The seat has a stronger overall feeling, the streamline shape in response to the main structure of the Parc Central, and continue until entering the changing environment, the circular lines of the floor perfectly match the top lighting, from the entrance to enter the gym to move It forms a spatial experience from beginning to end.


Combining the theme of comfortable seats, atmosphere but privacy of the dressing space, quiet and reassuring, so that the preparation before the movement has become a part of the ritual of life.

设备蜕变 形成装饰墙Equipment metamorphoses into decorative walls


Through the ingenious planning of the space, the inherent color of the fitness and sports equipment becomes a flexible decoration in the space, the texture generated by the stacking equipment responding of the top ring-shaped, the movement has rules.

落地效果打不得折扣No discount on the landing effect


The managers of Parc Central were clearly not satisfied with the Apple Store, and the Super Orangutan and GLC gave it a new idea. The end result: Some people can‘t tell the difference between a live shot and a rendering. The attention to detail is the only criterion for pursuing the construction process.

矛盾往往是美的源泉Contradiction is often the source of beauty


An experience closely related to life is the value of design, as if experiencing someone else’s passion. The galaxy seems to be extremely remote from the individual, and there is a huge volume of contradiction from itself to the universe. However, the creative design never CARES about contradiction, but focuses more on emotional connection.


项目名称:超级猩猩 广州天环店



项目亚博体育买球APP & 完成年份:2019/9/13










Project information——

Project name:SUPERMONKEY/Parc Central

Design:?GLC Enterprises, LLC

Design year & Completion Year September 13th, 2019

Leader designer & Team Design team: GLC retail group

Design director: Chen Zhibin

Main creative design: Zhu Wenjie, Li Junpeng

Deepening design: Zhu Suiyun

Project manager: Zhu Suiyun

Project director: Zhang Jianhui

Project location:Shop 202-3,Parc Central, 218 Tianhe road, Guangzhou city, Guangdong province

Gross Built Area (square meters):Three hundred sqm

Photo credits:SUPEURMONKEY