大喜家 | DAXI STUDIO,一家潮流品牌集合店,本次SHURUI术锐亚博体育买球APP受邀为其亚博体育买球APP线下潮牌集合店。我们将主理人coco女士谈及的「家」蕴含包容与成长的概念融入其中。

Daxijia | DAXI STUDIO, a trend brand collection store, this SHURUI design was invited to design an offline fashion collection store. We incorporate the concept of tolerance and growth in the “home” that Ms. Coco talks about.

作为一间时尚体验空间,不墨守陈规。DAXI STUDIO基于主理人独到而敏锐的时尚嗅觉,每一面都是独立的风景,希望客人可以找到消费场景的时髦感和舒适度。

As a fashion experience space, do not stick to the rules. DAXI STUDIO is based on the unique and keen sense of fashion, each side is an independent landscape, I hope that guests can find the fashion and comfort of the consumer scene.

低调的高级感 | 与时尚相融的气场

Low-key sense of luxury | a gas field that blends with fashion


The entrance is placed in the right front according to the mall‘s flow line, and the inclined texture wall welcomes the guests to the store at an angle. The combination of clean, transparent glass and round cutouts creates an elegant, high-quality finish.


SHURUI design combines business and fashion. The whole space is based on calm and plain color. It incorporates the texture of art paint and marble luster as an extension of the material, presenting a space of simplicity and detail without losing detail.


The combination of minimalist shop furnishings, lighting design and large-scale three-dimensional modeling blends into the elements of contemporary architecture to better create a diverse space for a unique experience.


The longitudinally extending wall divides the space into two, with the outside being more open and the inside being relatively more intimate. The top structure runs through the sides, weakening its separation and reshaping the structural beauty of the space.


Taking advantage of the layered height of the original building, the entire space retains the architectural form, and the top surface is interspersed with the structure, echoing the roof of the “home” concept.


The progressive steps guide the flow of people to pick up the stairs, and explore the inner structure and the contemporary structure to make the display more layered.

家的概念 | 品牌多元化与包容性

Home Concept | Brand Diversity and Inclusiveness


The home is the easiest to give inner satisfaction, carrying the diverse personality of independent members, involving all aspects, integrating the recognition of photography, art, architecture, painting and other beauty.




Taking into account privacy and not completely closed, while using geometric lines, the space is divided into different areas to increase the association.

The array of shelves creates a staggered and rich sense of scene, breaking the slack of the inherent space and creating a dynamic vision.

The inner space is divided into separate seating areas, and the sofa and coffee table are as relaxing and pleasant as home.


The minimalist top-floor connection shelf and the cylindrical acrylic strip light all reflect the rational arrangement of the dotted surface of the space.The light strips embedded in the side dilute the coldness of the stainless steel, and the ground glows with soft light, reflected on the wall, and the wall begins to float and float.


You can see that customers have dialogues, interactions, explorations, and exchanges with clothing. The atmosphere is actually created by the customers themselves.

材质的碰撞 | 空间趣味

Material collision | space fun


The four small holes in the rhythm of the wall broke the lengthy dullness and the air was able to march.


The artistic paint of the sense of texture pays homage to the wildness of nature and the perfect combination with minimalist aesthetics. The seemingly unfinished rough surface contrasts the purity of space.


The vitality of marble, metal and wood makes the space more diverse and inclusive.


The encirclement of the low walls, the standing of the high walls, the mottled art paint wall with historical traces, outlines the past memories, and forms a gap with the modern attributes of metal.


The fineness of the top and facade art paints collides with the ground gray terrazzo


Highly saturated bright yellow curved tubes and navy blue props constitute a fun art installation, about fashion, they collide here and produce chemical reactions.


SHURUI design starts with a unique positioning of space, and it is compatible with the brand to interpret their attitude towards life. It is effortless in fashion here.


Project Name | 项目名称:DAXI STUDIO 大喜家

Project location |项目区位:Zhejiang/浙江

Project area | 项目面积:150㎡

Design company | 亚博体育买球APP公司:SHURUI术锐亚博体育买球APP

Main material | 主要材料:艺术涂料、京玺货架系统、水磨石、大理石

Special Thanks | 特别鸣谢:BG | DAXI STUDIO